Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our eyes see the catastrophe

As we began to think of what to do next, we began calling those in haiti and in the states. Brandon started calling our boy John, who was away from the house and I began calling anyone I could get in touch with. I finally got through to our song leader and I can remember his voice sounding like that was an every day occurrence but he would let everyone know. It hadn't set in you could tell until my pastor, who was standing right next to him, started receiving frantic phone calls to see if we were ok. I, then, called our neighbors who we are very close to; they were not home and I knew they were at a basketball tournament at their haitian school and when I finally reached Karen she was crying hysterically telling me their school had collapsed and they were all sitting out in a big open field. By this time, we have had a huge aftershock. I then called another friend of ours, who works with Randy and Karen (our neighbors). She was so frantic and could not stop talking about how she was cleaning her house and had water everywhere from a busted toilet. I told her to leave it all and come to my house. As she arrived, we were out in the street due to another big aftershock. By now, the kids are beging to become very scared every time an aftershock occurs. It was hard to keep them inside, but to see the sights outside our wall was just as horrible. Men and women running frantically in search of family members. Injured people bleeding running to find help. As we saw clouds of dust fill the sky, we knew it was going to be devastation everywhere.

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